Can't or Won't?

{22/10/2009}   Fairy Tales

What is so wrong with fairy tales? After all, everyone ends up living happily ever after. So why do we feel like it’s such an unnatural turn of our lives? Shouldn’t we feel like it’s where we should all end up?

Happy ever after isn’t such a bad thing, is it?

Most of us feel as if it’s a dream, but is it really? Is it such a hard thing to achieve? Or are our own doubts that make it so hard to reach? Are we programmed to believe “happy ever after” doesn’t really happen? Are we so dulled by society’s compromises that we can’t see true happiness anymore? Do we really believe it doesn’t exist?…That it’s all just make believe?

Or are we actually so numb inside that even when we do feel it we don’t realize it? Are we on our own way on the path to true happiness?

{06/10/2009}   numbing

Yes. Go on. Numb the pain.

Pretend it doesn’t exist.

Distract the body and the mind with ordinary things, safe things.

Drink the bottle. Who will be there to notice if it’s one, or  two, or three?

Drug it all away, it’s not like anyone would care.

If the fates have been hard why tough it out? It only makes more walls around the heart and the soul.

So numb the pain.

When it’s all too new, when it doesn’t feel like it’s gonna stop…when it’s going to break the heart.

Let the pain in when it’s not so new…when it doesn’t hurt so bad…when the heart won’t break anymore.

et cetera