Can't or Won't?

{25/03/2006}   rs

What’s your love story?? Did it for fun, i love this kind of tests!

Romantic Rescue is your primary love story!

The love story that grips you, Romantic Rescue, uses love to give better meaning and significance to your life. Love, in your story, is all-powerful. It is the catalyst to change yourself, help your partner become the person you want them to be, and show the world what you are made of. Some people put themselves in the role of hero in this love story — nursing an ailing partner back to health, saving him from a string of previously destructive relationships, maybe even saving him from a physical danger. Other people with whom you share this story cast themselves as those in need of rescue – relying on their partners to swoop in and save them from whatever ill-fate’s been visited upon them, either real or imagined.

In your love story, actions speak almost louder than words. The more present you are to your partner, or he to you, the stronger and faster your bond can develop. The image of one partner as caregiver and the other as recipient of that care, sets up an immediate give-and-take relationship, one that makes your union seem all the more magical.

It also sets up one of the parties as a savior. Though perhaps not as epic as seen in the characters in novels or films, this is significant nonetheless. In Hemingway’s tragic love story, "Farewell to Arms," an injured soldier is nurtured back to health and into a blissful romance by a kindly nurse. Not long after, she’s the one at death’s door. In "Run Lola Run," a woman has twenty minutes to come up with a large amount of money to save her boyfriend’s life. How far she goes to obtain it is a measure of her devotion or delusion.

If someone is willing to care for a loved one in times of adversity, they’ve already demonstrated a strong level of commitment, as well as proof that they can carry you through the tough times. They have also inspired in you a confidence that you will not only be willing to, but looking to switch roles when the need arises. There is a distinct comfort in this.

So how exactly did you get here? Many people who share this story with you have experienced some loss in their life. Did you help take care of family members when you were young? Did you need more attention and care than your parents were able to provide? You tend to repeat your childhood roles in your adult relationships, whether you’re aware of it or not. Someone who was a caregiver early in life, may continue to be so in romantic relationships. A person who needed more attention from parents, may automatically provide others with the care they wished they had received.

Being needed is a basic human desire. Being able to depend on one another is what gives relationships meaning, so it’s no wonder that this love story is so powerful. Evidence of your archetypal story is all around you — in history, books, and movies. In the classic fairytale "Beauty in the Beast," a woman brings out the softer side of a grumpy monster. She sees beyond his gruff exterior and gains his love in return. In "Breaking the Waves," Emily Watson plays a woman who makes the ultimate sacrifice to have her husband. He comes to regard her as a saint. Your story is being told and retold because it resonates with so many people.

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